Meta Achievement

Here’s another project to add to my list of stuff.  There aren’t any Achievement Aggregators out there, or any that I know of.  Seriously, for something that’s pretty popular, there hasn’t been a site to take off that keeps track of all of them.  Some places that you can get achievements that I know of:

  • Game consoles
    • Xbox 360
    • Playstation 3
  • Computer Games
    • World of Warcraft
    • Steam Games
  • Websites
    • Four Square
    • Gowalla
    • The Sixty One
  • Life in General

So there isn’t a cool interface that connects all these things together.  Every acheivment system has the same general format, so that’s a huge plus in terms of data organization…. So if you think about it, it should be easy to make your own achievements too, for the who’ll like in general part of it.

There are a lot of cool stuff that could happen after you make a pretty simple CRUD Api for achievements.  You could add a wiki to it too!

I am looking into the Google App engine to do the bulk of the achievement storage,  unlocks, and account mapping.  Other than that I’ll do a simple MVC 3 site for presentation.

I’ve had this idea for awhile, but have barley started working on it again.  It’s a pretty big project, but I think I can do some small pieces, and still have some awesome stuff.  Stay tuned!!