I am a big Nine Inch Nails fan.  One of my favorite concerts was the 2008 Lighs in the Sky tour.  There were loads of awesome special effects during the tour, most of them had Trent Reznor interacting with a large digital display.  Here’s a clip of the tour.

I am also a big fan of the Kinect, so I decided why not combine the two!!  Check out my video demo of Kninect.


This is my first time writing an XNA game and the first time programing for the Kinect, so I’ve learned a lot.

Some of the things I need to look into the get a better understanding of game development are:

  • Properly loading assets for your game
  • Are there any design patterns for the “Game Loop”? It seems gross sticking so much code in one place
  • Keeping context in your game loop.  How do you manage menus and navigation and other non name stuff.
  • How can you tweak the Kinect to behave better.  It seems a bit jumpy.
  • How to manage timing better.  It seems like some of my sound effects and screen updates don’t happen at steady intervals.

I have the source code up at my BitBucket account.  The code is a mess.  It started as a test to display images and then I keep adding more and more.  I need to clean that up pretty soon.

If you have any comments or questions shoot me an email or find me on Twitter.

I don’t have an ETA for the next set of updates.  Since this is a side project thing it will be on and off.  If you are a developer feel free to branch what I’ve got.  I’ll gladly accept pull requests too!