Future Word Problems

I recently saw a story about a time capsule that was opened after 100 years.  That got me thinking how unimaginative and boring a mostly digital time capsule would be.  Sure we can print out our livejournal entries to share with the citizens of 2113, but it lacks the charm of a hand written journal.  I can toss in a USB hard drive with a lifetime’s worth of songs, but a good vinyl record would be more exciting to find.

After considering how we would disappoint our future brethren I realized that this would be a first world problem. After a little more thought I realized, the future has the best problems! Along with climate change and a shortage of natural resources the citizens of the future will have hover board accidents and cats chasing robots.  It is with great pleasure that I present to the citizens of the future a new Internet meme: Future World Problems. Here are a few from my Twitter stream.

  • I’ve ran out of books to read in my self driving car after finishing book 11 in the Song of Ice and Fire series 🙁
  • I don’t like the 4K filter on Instagram, everything looks so blurry.
  • I love Netflix Instant Download, but the only movies you can upload to your brain are B-Movies like The Matrix
  • Guess I have to throw away my Apple iPrinter since the new one has Retina Printing precision.
  • My Soylent Green doesn’t taste like people.

What our your #FutureWorldProblems