Blog 4.5

Tl;dr: I am moving on from my side project, Everblog. As a result I’ve also decided to change my primary blogging platform.

So Long, Everblog

Everblog was a fun project. I learned a lot working on the site, in fact I’ve slacked off on continuing the series of post regarding the lessons I learned. However, I’ve decided it’s time to move on, here are a few high level reasons on why:

  • Evernote just doesn’t do HTML well for blog posts
  • Kicks my butt in terms of features, and they have Evernote’s blessing
  • I don’t have time to support the site the way I would like to

I am going to set a hard deadline and then take down the production site. I’ll keep the dev instance around and won’t allow new users to sign up. I’ll have more details on this once I figure it out.

Hello, Ghost

I’ve been wanting to check out Ghost and Azure. I had an afternoon off and decided to go for it. Now we have the blog you are currently looking at today. Ghost seems like a really cool platform, so I wanted to dive into it 100%.

What’s Next?

I already bumped into a few issues in Ghost:

  • No instant Google analytics setup
  • Not sure the best way to host images
  • Not sure if I should customize the Casper theme or make a new one

None of these are show stoppers, but it’s kind of annoying. However, that’s kind of the point. Node seems pretty cool so I might as well make myself knee deep in it.

My next set of goals for the blog are:

  • Import all articles from my previous site
  • Customize this site a bit
  • Write more

Here’s to the future. Let’s see how this turns out!