Back To The Basics

I tried Ghost. I didn’t like it.  I am willing to try it again in the future, but right now it is too “beta” and it gets in the way of writing.

I was trying to backfill content I previously made to populate my blog. Modifying the published date was such a hassle.  Once the post was made the order of articles in the admin area is still “last created” and not “date published”. Totally uncool!

Hosting media for a post was  a joke.  I don’t want to upload something to a separate CDN for a  post, I am cool hosting it on the server. There currently isn’t a way around that with Ghost. I’d paint you a picture, but I wouldn’t want to go through the hassle to upload it!

Another crucial point is how far along the development process is.  It seems to be going slower than anticipated.  Speaking as a developer I can completely understand… but as a consumer I want a little more.