Excuses, Pivots and Other Fun Words


I’ve been out for awhile. Here is what’s been going on.

Call them what you want, facts, reasons excuses. I’ve had lots of life changing events and haven’t really made the time to create new content. That changes today.


If you didn’t catch one of the most important bullet points, I’ll reiterate. I am starting my own company! What does that mean for this blog? Not much, actually. I will be bootstrapping my project and doing most of the development myself. In other words, lots and lots of low budget coding! I’ve already got a few things in the work to talk about the minimal viable product I am creating to gauge interest in one of my projects. I’ll adding a little more on some of the entrepreneurial things I am learning, but at the end of the day it’s all about the code.


Welcome to the next chapter of Low Budget Code. I look forward to sharing all the excitement and terror that comes along with starting a new company.