Why Aren’t Restaurants Doing NPS?

I was at a restaurant the other day and had a great experience. I immediately started thinking about Net Promoter Score. It’s amazing how often you rate businesses in your mind once you are aware of NPS (but that’s a topic for another day).

I thought to myself when I received the check for the meal , “Why aren’t restaurants doing NPS?” Restaurants have your attention when you pay the bill. Customers already have a pen in their hand. Surely there has to be something easier than calling an 800 number or scanning a QR code to give input about your experience. Then it hit me. Fantastic Fest! Fantastic Fest is a film festival held every year in Austin, Texas. Before each movie starts you get a small piece of paper, the size of a business card. The paper is is divided up and has 0-10 on it. You tear the paper across the rating you give the film and leave it with an attendant when the film ends. A low friction, easy way to give input.

NpsRestaurantSo why not create a similar process for restaurants? It seems pretty easy to add some text to the end of a receipt. It should be easy to circle or tear an NPS score after you sign your bill. You’d have a great feedback loop. Whoever picks up the bill can immediately follow up with the customer if they got a bad rating? Here is a quick mock-up of NPS on a restaurant bill. Would you rate a restaurant if they added this easy form to the bottom of a receipt?