Stand Ups For One

I’ve been working on my own for the past couple of weeks. It’s definitely a change of pace to what I am used to. I’ve worked at companies where daily and weekly stand-ups are the norm. Stand-ups are great ways to reflect on what you’ve done and determine what your next steps are. I thought it would be fun to do my own stand ups for my solo projects. It sounds kinda silly, but I’ve been recording my own daily stand ups. I’ve been able to track my progress pretty well and get a good gauge of how things are going.

I’ve decided to make my end of week stand-up public and post them online. Consider it a developer vlog. I think its a fun and interesting way to talk about what I am working on, before things get released into the wild. Plus I like the accountability of it. I think I’ll be more than likely to stick to a deadline if I have myself on video saying it will be done soon. 🙂

My Filming Set Up:

  • iStabilizer Selfie Stick
  • FiLMic Pro – I love that can control the recording resolution and frame rate. Saves so much space on my phone!

Any other freelances out there that think this is cool? Do you think I am crazy? Let me know what you think in the comments section or reach out to me on Twitter, @uz88.