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Microsoft ASP.NET and Web Tools Team (and Azure) AMA!

A few members of the ASP.Net and Web Tools team did an AMA on reddit. Some of the questions that got answered have been in the back of my mind for awhile. Here are a few Q&A’s that stood out.

Less or Sass? A LESS editor will be coming out in VS2013. A SASS editor might come out in the future.

What’s the story with Silverlight? “I think it’s done as far as the Open Web is concerned.” Makes sense since the open web has won.

What aspect of technology are you guys most excited about for the future? “JavaScript and C#. JavaScript is the virtual machine that we don’t have install…it’s in the browser. C# lets me put an app in every app store.”

Any thoughts in making project files exclusionary instead of inclusionary? “The short answer is yes.” OMG This one answer makes me so happy.

Blog 4.5

Tl;dr: I am moving on from my side project, Everblog. As a result I’ve also decided to change my primary blogging platform.

So Long, Everblog

Everblog was a fun project. I learned a lot working on the site, in fact I’ve slacked off on continuing the series of post regarding the lessons I learned. However, I’ve decided it’s time to move on, here are a few high level reasons on why:

  • Evernote just doesn’t do HTML well for blog posts
  • Postach.io Kicks my butt in terms of features, and they have Evernote’s blessing
  • I don’t have time to support the site the way I would like to

I am going to set a hard deadline and then take down the production site. I’ll keep the dev instance around and won’t allow new users to sign up. I’ll have more details on this once I figure it out.

Hello, Ghost

I’ve been wanting to check out Ghost and Azure. I had an afternoon off and decided to go for it. Now we have the blog you are currently looking at today. Ghost seems like a really cool platform, so I wanted to dive into it 100%.

What’s Next?

I already bumped into a few issues in Ghost:

  • No instant Google analytics setup
  • Not sure the best way to host images
  • Not sure if I should customize the Casper theme or make a new one

None of these are show stoppers, but it’s kind of annoying. However, that’s kind of the point. Node seems pretty cool so I might as well make myself knee deep in it.

My next set of goals for the blog are:

  • Import all articles from my previous site
  • Customize this site a bit
  • Write more

Here’s to the future. Let’s see how this turns out!